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Creating Apps to Empower Children and Adults with Disabilities

Something to Say

We are sad to announce that this app is no longer available in the App Store. It is our hope that we might re-create it in the future to support communication needs through a robust, text-to-speech, augmentative communication app.

Something to Say is a text-to-speech augmentative communication app specifically designed for the iPad and it has a specific, innovative feature that will offer a solution for many users. One of the limitations that other text-to-speech apps have had, prior to now, is the inability to organize messages or categorize them in any way. With Something to Say, users will be able to group their messages in folders that can be customized with color, words and pictures. This feature alone will make a big difference for many people utilizing this type of technology.

Current Status: Awaiting an update, Something to Say is not currently available in the app store. It is the developers intent to make it available in 2018.