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iDress for Weather

What is iDress for Weather?

iDress for Weather was inspired by the developer’s desire to use iPhone and iPad technology to create assistive technology that would lead to greater levels of independence for individuals with disabilities, iDress for Weather supports people whose cognitive processing or memory is affected by a disability (such as autism or other developmental disabilities) or has changed due to an injury or illness (such as a stroke, Alzheimer’s Disease, dementia or a traumatic brain injury).

In many cases, connecting weather conditions to clothing choices can be a difficult concept to teach and for some, a difficult concept to learn. By utilizing individualized photos and images or the default picture cues, iDress for Weather makes it easier for everyone! iDress for Weather can be the tool to learn or re-learn the connections between weather and clothing choices.

Unlike other weather apps that have too much clutter, iDress for Weather provides only the images and weather conditions that are essential for daily use. And unlike any other weather app, iDress for Weather provides a customizable closet containing clothes that match the weather conditions for that day through beautiful illustrations or personalized photos or images!

Key Elements

  • Each day, based on the high temperature of the day, the closet will present a picture or photo of the recommended clothing or item to remember based entirely on user preferences. Pictures/photos can be changed simply by tapping the ‘i’ located at the bottom left of the closet screen.
  • In the afternoon, once the high temperature of the day begins to drop, the closet will then display the user set clothing for the overnight low.
  • It is important that each user sets their own temperature range that defines each closet. Regions around the world differ dramatically in how temperatures are perceived by the individuals who live there. To set personal temperature ranges, simply tap the ‘i’ at the bottom left of the weather page and select ‘Temperature Level’.
  • Please be aware that if the temperature or weather conditions are being reported incorrectly within this app, it is purely a function of the performance of the closest weather satellite/stations and has nothing to do with the performance of this app. At times, stations can be damaged, not broadcasting or so far away the the weather conditions displayed will be different than from the location of the app.

How it Works

Customizable Closet: This feature allows the closet to contain personal photos or images. From the weather screen, swipe to left to enter the closet and tap “i” in bottom left corner to customize the contents.

Temperature Levels: This setting allows individualized temperature ranges for clothing. Tap “i” on bottom left corner of the weather screen, then select “temperature levels”. Tap “configure” to begin setting individualized parameters. When finished, tap “confirm” then tap anywhere on the screen to return to the weather screen.

Extended Info: The extended info setting allows humidity and wind information to be displayed only if preferred. Tap “i” on bottom left corner, then select “Extended Info”.

 Location: The location setting automatically saves last 10 locations searched.

GPS or Zip Code: Tap “i” on bottom left corner of the weather screen, then select “Location”.

Fahrenheit or Celsius: Tap “i” on bottom left corner of the weather then select “Units”.

Also, for a demonstration of iDress for Weather, go to:

Demonstration of iDress for Weather by Gary James